Everything Good for Body and Home

We started Soap Hope with a simple idea: provide healthful, wholesome top-of-the line products to customers – then use all the profits to help women in need around the world.

Soap Hope sells all natural products online and then invests 100% of profits into anti-poverty initiatives for women around the world. We call our program Good Returns.

With fantastic brands behind us like Indigo Wild, Pacifica, and Acure Organics, we bring premium all natural products to you – with discounted prices and great service to complete the package.

We invite you to shop, learn, share – and join us in creating a world with opportunity for women everywhere.

Shop at soaphope.com and change the world.

Soap Hope Principles

  • To be the most trustworthy and reliable source for body care products for health-conscious people.
  • To carry only products that are wholesome and of exceptionally high quality.
  • To be the best value anywhere for the products we carry.
  • To use businesses practices that create as little impact on the environment as possible.
  • To provide our customers with the kind of service that creates lifelong customer relationships.
  • To give back to our world community in the most powerful way we can envision.

If you appreciate our company and products, please share our website with others. If you have a web page, blog, or Facebook page, please write about Soap Hope and share us with your friends and the Internet community.

We would also love for you to share your opinions, feelings, experiences, and ideas with us by email or phone.