IN THE NEWS: Triclosan found “no more effective” an ingredient for killing bacteria than regular soap

Recently, the Oxford Journals published research on the effectiveness of antibacterial soap versus other “normal” soaps.

“Antibacterial soap containing Triclosan (0.3%) was no more effective than plain soap at reducing bacterial contamination when used under ‘real-life’ conditions,” according to the research completed by Korea University.

What this means: products (soaps, body wash, dish liquid, etc.) containing Triclosan aren’t any better than regular old soap at killing germs.

In fact, because Triclosan is antibacterial, this means it doesn’t discriminate against what kind of bacteria that it kills. So all of those good, healthy bacteria that live naturally on our skin are being killed off, too.

Not only that, Triclosan has been linked to “hormone disrupting effects, bacterial and antibiotic resistance, and impacts on aquatic organisms.”

“[W]idespread use of Triclosan and other antibacterial compounds result in contamination of the nation’s waterways,” with Triclosan being the “most prevalent contaminant” remaining in our waterways, despite being treated by wastewater treatment plants.

Earlier this year, the European Union made a decision to ban triclosan in any hygienic products. According to the European Chemicals Agency, “[N]o safe use could be demonstrated for the proposed use of Triclosan.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that “75% of the U.S. population contain triclosan in their bodies. Triclosan enters the food chain through use of contaminated water or fertilizer on agricultural crops.”

Luckily, you can rest assured that none of our Soap Hope products contain Triclosan or other harmful ingredients — and we disclose information on all of the ingredients that are in the products we sell.

It’s our hope that changes will continue to be made in the way antibacterial products are advertised to customers, and that harmful chemicals like triclosan will be banned entirely.

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